Whether it’s a quick drive to the park or a full on road trip, our dog car blanket covers will surely make it a fun and comfortable experience for both you and your pet.

If you are looking for a makeshift dog car seat bed, we offer two products that can keep your dog happy while keeping your car seat free of damage, dog hair, or moisture!

Car seat cover. These serve as a dog mat for car back seats. They easily strap to the headrests on either end, forming a hammock in between. They are designed with an opening for seatbelts as well for added protection. The bottom is made of non-slip material that is also scratch resistant and chew resistant.

It is no ordinary dog bed for car back seats; it is functional for humans too! Additional storage to hold your pet toys, treats, or other essentials is built in through spacious pockets. The design also utilizes a mesh vent to ensure a breathable environment, and so that your dog can see you from where he lays!

Cargo liner. If your dog is too large for the backseat, you can safely keep them in the cargo area. The durable straps attach to all three sides, forming a spacious mat to keep them comfortable. The bottom is made of non-slip material that is also scratch resistant and chew resistant.

Benefits of having a seat cover or cargo liner

  • Lowers risk of damage to your car’s surface
  • Prevents stains or odors from latching on to your car seat
  • Keeps the area clean by preventing dirt and dog hair sticking on your car
  • Keeps the area dry using water resistant material
  • Easy clean up for any accidents during the road trip
  • Ensures your dog can comfortably lay down without the risk of sliding or sliding around
  • Is more spacious than keeping them in a crate
  • Is safer than keeping them in a crate that cannot stay in place
  • May help ease symptoms of nausea and car sickness in your pet
  • Guarantees a safer ride for both you and your pet