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Premium Orthopedic Big Dog Beds

Bully Beds Dog Beds for Large Breed Dogs

Shop our collection of high-quality, memory foam dog beds for large dog breeds.

Built To Last. Guaranteed 10 Years. Buy Now!

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Big Dog Beds with Free Shipping, Free Returns & More!

All Bully Beds include free shipping and free returns. Additionally, each giant bed comes with a removable and washable outer cover, as well as a removable internal cover that is completely waterproof. These extra, large-dog accessories are perfect for those big pups that tend to drool, or older dogs that are prone to accidents. Bully Beds also feature durable covers with heavy-duty zippers. If that weren’t enough, our beds are also hypoallergenic and made from non-toxic materials. Browse our Bully Beds to find the perfect large dog bed for your best friend.
Big Dog Beds with Free Shipping, Free Returns & More!

Bully Beds: The Best Big Dog Beds

You love your large dog like he’s one of the family, and try to take care of him like he’s your own child. That includes making sure he has a comfortable and supportive big dog bed to sleep on each night. But you can’t just get any dog cushion from your local pet store. Because your buddy is heavier, he would quickly weigh down a standard large dog bed and potentially flatten it in a short amount of time. You need something that provides greater support while still offering maximum comfort and a plush feel. Bully Beds are the ideal solution, as they offer the best in luxury orthopedic dog beds.
CertiPUR Certified

Certified. Safe for Dogs.

  • Bully Beds are made without ozone depleters.
  • Bully Beds are made without PBDEs, TDCPP or TCEP flame retardants.
  • Bully Beds are made without mercury, lead, and other heavy metals.
  • Bully Beds are made without formaldehyde.

The Most Supportive Large-Breed Dog Bed Anywhere

Bully Beds were designed specifically for big dogs and are specifically made to provide adequate support for a large dog's joints and hips. They won’t flop over under their own weight, a test in which many other big dog beds cannot hold up to. This strength and durability comes from the quality of the materials we use when manufacturing our products. Made from the same premium foam found in high-end mattresses, Bully Beds are built like no other large-breed dog bed. Each one is made from 7 inches of quality, 4.5-pound memory and support foam designed to completely cradle your pup for a long time. Bully Beds are guaranteed to hold their shape and stability for 10 years. We promise yours won’t go flat in that time — or we'll replace it.

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The Most Supportive Large-Breed Dog Bed Anywhere
Orthopedic Dog Beds Designed for Comfort

Orthopedic Dog Beds Designed for Comfort

If you have a large dog, such as a Great Dane, mastiff or Rottweiler, you know your big guy or gal has special needs. Bully Beds were created to give your pet the most restful, therapeutic sleep possible. You don’t want your dog to sleep on the floor, which is why you buy a dog bed in the first place, so why one that doesn’t provide long-lasting comfort and cushion? Purchasing a poorly-made big dog bed is bound to leave your pup looking for a new place to sleep in a short amount of time. Our large dog beds, however, provide big canines relief from arthritis and hip and joint pain, as well as give them a better quality of life and more consistently comfortable resting spot. Even if you have two large dogs, our superior beds can meet their needs. In fact, Bully Beds big dog beds can easily hold 300 pounds without losing any supportive qualities. Trust us when we say, you could, and might even want to, nap on this bed yourself!

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Why Your Dog Needs a Bully Bed

Unboxing your Bully Bed

Reviews from Happy Big Dog Owners

I'm not a big fan of writing reviews, so I usually don't take the time to do it, but with this bed I had to. For the first time in years, our big girl is not alway trying to get on our couch or in bed with us (although she still does, just less now). She sleeps soundly on her bully bed and took to it very quickly. We'll be buying another soon for our smaller dog since he seems a bit jealous!

– Kelly T.

We have tried multiple beds for our big dogs. This bed has created a whole new level of comfort for our three Cane Corsos. Along with a joint supplement, this bed has helped to alleviate pressure on a big dogs joints. Thank you so much for selling a quality product that all dogs can enjoy! Mike

– Mike C.

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