Shed & Itch Reducer Krillex Chew
Shed & Itch Reducer Krillex Chew Shed & Itch Reducer Krillex Chew
$ 29.99

Krillex Shed Free is a great way to prevent a deficiency of fatty acids in your pet's diet, in turn, promoting a healthy skin and coat. These savory soft chews help reduce shedding and alleviate itchy skin. If you notice dry, flaky and scaly skin with incessant itching, your pet may be experiencing an essential fatty acid deficiency - these are required by the body, but ones that must be derived directly from the diet to reduce shedding, promote shiny skin and coat, and reduce inflammation and encourage new cellular growth.

Reduces shedding and itching by preventing fatty acid deficiency. Promotes a shiny coat and healthy skin.

60 chew per tub

Made in the USA

Active (per 7.5g chew): Krill Oil Concentrate…80 mg, Astaxanthin (Antioxidant)…16 mg, Zinc Oxide…7.5 mf, Linoleic Acid…700 mg, Whole Ground Flaxseed Powder…450 mg
Inactive: Rice Bran, Purified Water, Lecithin, Safflower Oil, Starch, Synthetic Cheese Flavor, Gylcerin, Natural Red Coloarant, Sorbic Acid, Vitami E (Dl-alpha Tocopherol acetate), Calcium propionate, Ascorbic Acid