Shed & Itch Reducer Krillex Chew

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Krillex Shed Free is the ultimate solution for your furry friend’s skin and coat health. These savory soft chews are specially formulated to prevent fatty acid deficiency, promoting a soft and shiny coat while reducing shedding and alleviating itchy skin. Ideal for dogs experiencing dry, flaky, and scaly skin, incessant itching, or those with seasonal allergies, our dog skin and coat supplement is a must-have supplement to support healthy skin.

Each tub of Shed & Itch Reducer Krillex Chew contains 60 chews, made in the USA, and packed with active ingredients like Krill Oil Concentrate, Astaxanthin, Zinc Oxide, Linoleic Acid, and Whole Ground Flaxseed Powder. These components are essential for maintaining a shiny coat, supporting joint health, and encouraging new cellular growth.

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  • Helps prevent fatty acid deficiency for a healthier skin coat
  • Alleviates itchy skin and excessive shedding
  • Supports a soft and shiny coat
  • A comprehensive solution for skin coat health
  • Rich in essential nutrients for overall dog health

Active (per 7.5g chew): Krill Oil Concentrate…80 mg, Astaxanthin (Antioxidant)…16 mg, Zinc Oxide…7.5 mf, Linoleic Acid…700 mg, Whole Ground Flaxseed Powder…450 mg

Inactive: Rice Bran, Purified Water, Lecithin, Safflower Oil, Starch, Synthetic Cheese Flavor, Gylcerin, Natural Red Coloarant, Sorbic Acid, Vitami E (Dl-alpha Tocopherol acetate), Calcium propionate, Ascorbic Acid

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Shed & Itch Reducer Krillex Chew is a Blend of Nature and Science for Your Dog

Krillex Shed Free chews are a blend of the best natural ingredients and scientific formulations, targeting the root cause of skin and coat problems in dogs. This dog skin and coat supplement is rich in essential fatty acids, which are important for reducing common issues like dry skin, hot spots, and dull coats. The active ingredients in each chew work together to support healthy skin and a soft, shiny coat, ensuring your dog not only looks great but feels great too.

Regular use of these skin and coat supplements can result in noticeable improvements in just a few weeks, making them an essential part of your dog’s diet. These chews also contribute to your dog's overall health, including joint health. They're perfect for dogs of all ages, sizes, and breeds, providing essential nutrients in a tasty, natural flavor that dogs love.

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Machine washable

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Durable Materials 

Unmatched Comfort

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Supports Overall Wellness

Promotes Active Lifestyle

Healthy Skin and Coat

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • How often should I give Krillex Chew to my dog?

    Follow the recommended dosage on the packaging for optimal results or consult your veterinarian for personalized advice tailored to your dog’s specific needs and health condition.

  • Is this dog skin and coat supplement safe for all dog breeds?

    Yes, Krillex Chew is formulated to be safe and beneficial for dogs of all breeds, sizes, and ages, ensuring comprehensive skin and coat health support for every type of dog.

  • Can Krillex Chew help with my dog’s seasonal allergies?

    These chews can significantly alleviate symptoms associated with seasonal allergies by promoting healthier skin, potentially reducing the discomfort caused by such allergies.

  • Will these chews leave any residue on my dog’s coat?

    No, they're ingeniously designed to be ingested, ensuring no external residue or stickiness on your dog's coat, just internal health benefits for skin and coat.

  • Do these chews have a strong scent or taste?

    They boast a natural and appealing flavor, expertly crafted to make them a highly palatable treat that your dog will eagerly look forward to each day.

  • How do I incorporate Krillex Chew into my dog’s diet?

    Introduce them as a regular treat or simply mix into their daily meals, following the suggested dosage, to seamlessly blend them into your dog’s nutritional routine.

  • Can Krillex Chew improve my dog's joint health?

    While primarily focused on skin and coat health, the rich nutrients in these chews also offer ancillary benefits that can positively impact joint health, contributing to overall wellness.

  • Is Shed & Itch Reducer Krillex Chew made with natural ingredients?

    Absolutely, Krillex Chew is crafted with high-quality, natural ingredients, ensuring it's not only safe but also an effective supplement choice for your beloved dog.

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