Waterproof Dog Blankets

Whether you want added protection for your furniture or you just want to treat your furry friend to a blanket of their own, you’ll be pleased with our selection of waterproof dog blankets. You can use them alongside a dog bed or on your furniture—either way, this incredibly soft blanket is sure to please even the pickiest pup. And since these waterproof blankets are easy to machine wash, you’ll love them, too!

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Blankets designed to help your dog paws and unwind.

Super Soft Washable and Waterproof Pet Blankets

Functionality meets comfort and style with our faux fur and sherpa-top waterproof blankets. These blankets come in a variety of sizes to suit any dog's needs. Pet owners love them for their easy cleaning and stylish design, and dogs and other pets (yep, you can use it as a cat blanket, too) love having a warm, soft blanket to call their own.

Waterproof and Protective

A high-quality waterproof dog blanket is excellent for keeping liquids from seeping through to your furniture. They’re an ideal couch cover, and they can also be used to protect car seats, beds, and more against bite marks, scratch marks, pet fur, drool, and all the other dog stuff you don’t want on your furniture.

Easy to Clean

Both our faux fur and Sherpa top throw blankets are machine washable and dryer safe, making it incredibly easy to maintain hygiene without any extra hassle.  The durable fabric retains its quality and softness even after multiple washes, ensuring long-lasting cleanliness and comfort for your pet.

Large Sizes and Neutral Colors

Our blankets are perfect for large dogs or those who need ample coverage. They come in neutral colors and are a great looking option to match any interior decor.

Odor and Infestation Prevention

The waterproof material not only keeps moisture at bay but also prevents absorption of odors, infestation of fleas or dust mites, and stops bacteria growth by keeping everything dry.

Super Soft Fabric

The absorbent sherpa fleece and faux fur fabrics are super soft, ensuring your pet stays cozy and warm with every use. The materials are also gentle on your pet's skin, making them ideal for prolonged snuggles and rest.

Sense of Security

A pet blanket can be a source of comfort and security for dogs, especially those who suffer from anxiety. It provides a familiar and calming space in times of stress. You’ll definitely want to add this to your list of must-have pet supplies if you have an anxious pup.

Frequently Asked Questions

What materials are used in your dog blankets?

Our dog blankets are crafted from high-quality, super-soft materials, ensuring both comfort and durability. They are designed to withstand frequent washing and retain their softness over time.

Are your blankets really waterproof?

Yes, our dog blankets are made with waterproof material, effectively stopping liquid from seeping through and protecting your furniture and car seats from spills, drool, and accidents.

Can I machine wash the dog blankets?

Absolutely! Our dog blankets are designed for convenience and can be easily machine washed and dried, ensuring hassle-free maintenance and hygiene. Be sure to follow the care instructions, including washing in cold water with a gentle detergent and tumble drying on low heat to preserve their softness and durability over time.

How large are the dog blankets and will they fit in my car?

Our dog blankets come in various sizes, making them a great fit for different spaces, including car seats. They're large enough to cover most standard car seats and cargo areas, providing a comfortable and protective layer for your pet while traveling.

How do I maintain the blanket's quality?

To maintain the quality of our dog blankets, simply machine wash in cold water with a mild detergent and tumble dry on low. Regular washing helps maintain the blanket's cleanliness and softness.