Our Story


Bull & Joe

Bully Beds was named in honor of Bull, a 150 pound Cane Corso mastiff who changed my life. Bull is no longer with us, but his memory lives on in our growing company, and I remember him fondly every day. That might not be the best way to say that—the truth is that I miss Bull terribly.

Bull was an amazing, wonderful family member. I personally trained him and after countless hours, my efforts paid off. He listened to me carefully, almost as if he could read my mind, and I could take him anywhere—without a leash—with no concerns whatsoever about him wandering off or not paying attention to what I was saying.

Owner & Bull

When my wife and I realized that Bull was destined for a higher purpose, we had him certified as a therapy dog. Together, my wife and Bull would visit a local home for special needs adults and disabled veterans. Bull connected with everyone he met, despite his massive size and intimidating appearance. Everyone loved Bull, and he loved them all back. Bull soon became a beloved regular visitor and touched many lives during his short life. We know that he made a lasting, permanent impression on the people he helped.

Ultimately, Bull provided the seed of necessity that grew into Bully Beds. In 2015, Bull began to experience apparent hip discomfort. Our vet had told us that a dog’s bed can have a significant impact on their ability to sleep and rest comfortably. The reason is that without sufficient support, the dogs joints come into contact with the hard surface under the bed.

I began searching online and found that there were several beds that advertised the fact that they were “therapeutic” or “orthopedic” designs. These heavily promoted products were far more expensive than what you would typically pay for a dog bed, but we wanted Bull to be comfortable. We spent countless dollars buying beds that either didn’t provide adequate support for Bull’s 150-pound frame, or that quickly began to go soft and sag.

On top of that these expensive beds were often poorly made. The craftsmanship of the stitching and of the glued foam sections was sloppy or worse. The beds weren’t waterproof. The covers were wrinkled and just didn’t seem to fit properly. In short, the “high end” dog beds that we purchased and tried were overpriced and unacceptably low quality.

So we decided to make our own. This was both a top down and a bottom up process, starting from scratch. The mission was simple: we set out to develop an affordable, high quality dog bed that provides the comfort and support a big dog requires, enabling both luxurious relaxation and therapeutic relief. The bed had to be waterproof, expertly made, attractive, and long lasting. In fact, we wanted the bed to last for the dog’s entire life.

We dedicated several years to our mission. We obsessed over researching and developing the right combination and configuration of foam. We learned the ins and outs of foam manufacturing from density (how much a 1 square foot block of foam weighs) to its ILD rating (Indention Load Deflection, the amount of weight required to compress the foam by 25%.) In the end, though, we realized that foam engineers wouldn’t be sleeping on our products, and they’re the only ones who even care about the numbers.

What was far more important to us weren’t the engineering specs of our beds. The only thing that was important was whether the dogs liked them. Once we had a formulation that worked, we then spent another seeming eternity finding the right manufacturer—someone we could trust to consistently maintain our high standards of quality and value at a fair price that any dog owner could afford.

Finally, we succeeded. The bed we wound up with not only supports the weight of very big dogs, but it will last for decades. (We guarantee our beds for twenty years, but in reality it will last a lot longer.) We firmly believe that we have created the world’s best dog bed, period.

Tragically and unexpectedly, Bull was diagnosed with a very aggressive attack of liver cancer in late January of 2016. He passed away 3 weeks later. We named our company, Bully Beds, in his honor.

Today, even though Bully Beds is growing by leaps and bounds, we are still a small, family owned and operated business, based in sunny Florida. We’re pleased that we sell a product that benefits dogs—of every size—by improving their overall quality of life. And there’s not a day that goes by when I don’t fondly remember Bull and the love he shared with us all.

To get your large dog the bed of his dreams, buy a Bully Bed today.

Joe Chanda