Dog Beds

With our expansive selection of high-quality dog beds, you can be sure to find the perfect one for your dog. From orthopedic beds that help with joint support to infrared beds that help reduce pain and improve blood circulation, there’s an option for any pet.


Whether you’re looking for washable, chew-resistant, or calming beds, our lineup of dog beds will go above and beyond your expectations.

We know how important it is to not only find a bed your dog loves but also ensure it’s functional for all the extra support your large dog needs. Your pet doesn’t have to sacrifice comfort for function—our durable and supportive beds prioritize both equally.

Beds so soft your dog’s dreams will have furry-tale endings

A Premium Dog Bed To Fit The Unique Needs of Every Dog

We have large dog bed options to fit the needs of just about any dog. Whether you need an orthopedic dog bed, a chew-resistant bed for aggressive chewers, or state-of-the-art infrared technology for overall wellness, there a Bully Beds Dog Bed to meet your needs.

Orthopedic beds

Our orthopedic pet beds are made with non-hazardous orthopedic memory foam that is specifically designed to aid extra large dogs with joint problems and hip dysplasia, and to relieve overall discomfort so your dog can sleep comfortably. They have a density of 4.5 lbs, which is perfect for older dogs, those suffering from arthritis, and those with pain in their bones, joints, or muscles.

Infrared dog bed option

We proudly offer the first and only bed for dogs with an FDA medical device certification. Using your dog as its natural power source, the infrared ion fibers reflect FIR emissions back to the skin while your dog is sleeping or resting. This particular bed helps with blood circulation, alleviates discomfort, and targets overall wellness for your dog.

Chew-resistant bed for aggressive chewers

Do you have a pup who loves to chew on everything in sight? We’ve got the perfect option for you. Our chew-resistant bed (perfect for the puppy stage!) offers extra strong padding and durable fabric that is resistant to wear and tear. We offer a 200-day chew warranty and replacement for this specific new bed.

Washable and waterproof covers

We have removable and washable covers for our beds to make cleaning easier and more hygienic. The high-quality base is also made of waterproof material, making it truly the perfect dog bed.

Super soft fabric options

Our super soft fabric options will have your dog ready to curl up and relax. This may just be the most comforting dog bed your canine family member will ever use.

Large sizes

Finding quality dog beds that are both comfortable and large enough to accommodate big dogs can be difficult. That is why we carry all options in sizes medium to XXL, and in great neutral colors that go with any furniture and decor! Our dog beds are perfect for your Golden Retriever, German Shepherd, Great Dane, Mastiff, Doberman, or any other large breeds.

20-year no-flat guarantee

All our quality dog beds have a 20-year no-flat guarantee, meaning your pup can use their favorite comfy dog bed for life!

Frequently Asked Questions

What size bed should I choose for my dog?

We offer a convenient sizing chart to help you find the perfect bed to accommodate your dog. Measure your dog from head to rear-end, and then choose a corresponding bed size from the sizing chart.

Can the orthopedic memory foam benefit my large dog?

Yes! Our beds are crafted with high-quality, non-hazardous orthopedic memory foam that supports joints, provides extra comfort, and is ideal for big dogs with hip dysplasia, arthritis, or other bone and joint issues. The 4.5lbs density foam provides optimal support, especially for older canines.

Can you tell me more about the infrared dog bed?

We’re proud to offer the first and only dog bed with an FDA medical device certification. The infrared ion fibers in these beds use your dog’s natural body heat to reflect FIR emissions back to the skin white your dog sleeps. This innovative technology aids in blood circulation, reducing discomfort, and promoting quality rest and overall wellness.

What is the warranty on Bully Beds dog beds?

Our beds are designed to withstand the test of time. We provide a 20-year no-flat guarantee on all our dog beds. This means your dog can enjoy their comfortable bed for a lifetime without worrying about it losing shape or support.

Are the dog beds easy to clean?

Yes! All our dog beds come with removable covers, making it easy to wash and keep your dog’s bed clean and hygienic. The base of the bed is made of high-quality waterproof material, ensuring durability and ease of maintenance.