Medicated Ketoconazole Spray for Dogs

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Bully Beds introduces Ketoconazole Spray for Dogs, a vet-recommended, alcohol-free antiseptic formulation designed to tackle a range of dermatological conditions in dogs, cats, and horses. Infused with active ingredients like Chlorhexidine Gluconate and Ketoconazole, this antifungal spray effectively combats skin infections such as ringworm, hot spots, yeast infections, acne, and other skin irritations, providing relief and promoting healthy skin.

Packaged in a convenient 12-ounce bottle, made in the USA, this medicated chlorhexidine spray is perfect for in-between bathing, traveling, or any time quick and easier pet cleaning is needed. It's enriched with Essential Fatty Acids and Vitamin E, offering nourishing sensitive skin treatment, while Aloe Vera soothes and minimizes undue skin irritation.

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  • Active ingredients target fungal and bacterial skin infections
  • Essential Fatty Acids and Vitamin E help nourish and control irritation in sensitive skin
  • Convenient spray foam offers easy application for affected areas
  • Alcohol-free formula is safe for dogs and cats with sensitive skin
  • Aloe vera provides a soothing effect and a pleasant smell
  • Effective for treating a variety of skin issues, including dog itching, cat acne, and insect bites

Active:  Chlorhexidine Gluconate 2%, Ketoconazole 1%

Inactive: Water, Glycerine, Propylene Glycol, Lactic Acid, PEG-75 Lanolin, Polysorbate 20, Aloe Barbadensis (Aloe) Leaf Juice,

Fragrance, Sodium Lactate, Methylisothiazolinone1

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Antiseptic Spray for Dogs Provides Advanced Skin Care for Pets

The Ketoconazole Spray for Dogs offers an advanced solution for the topical management of skin conditions in pets. The formula is specifically designed to treat and prevent skin allergies, fungal infections, and other common skin irritations in pets. Lactic acid enhances the astringent qualities of the spray, making it effective against tough skin conditions while being gentle on your pet’s skin.

This spray not only helps in cleansing face folds and treated areas but also acts as an effective pet odor remover. It's an easy, go-to solution for pet owners looking to provide quick relief from skin conditions without causing undue skin irritation. The spray's formulation ensures that it doesn't leave any residue, making it an ideal choice for maintaining your pet's skincare routine.

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • How often can I use this spray on my pet?

    Applied to the affected area regularly for ongoing management of skin conditions, ensuring consistent relief and prevention of flare-ups.

  • Is this spray safe for puppies and kittens?

    Yes, it’s safe for young pets; however, take extra care to avoid contact with eyes and mucous membranes, and use it under the guidance of a veterinarian for very young animals.

  • Can this spray be used for severe skin conditions?

    It’s effective for various skin issues; for severe or persistent conditions, consult your vet for combined treatment options or a more targeted therapeutic approach.

  • Will this spray irritate my pet’s skin?

    Formulated to be gentle and soothing, it should not cause undue irritation; however, be sure to monitor your pet’s reaction and discontinue use if any irritation or adverse reaction develops.

  • Does this spray have a strong scent?

    It has a mild and pleasant smell, carefully designed to be comfortable and appealing for pets and owners alike, without overwhelming the pet’s natural senses.

  • How do I apply the spray to my pet?

    Gently spray directly onto the affected area, avoiding sensitive areas like the face and ears. Always wash hands after application to ensure hygiene and prevent accidental ingestion by pets.

  • Can this be used in conjunction with other skin treatments?

    Generally, it can be used with other treatments, but it's advisable to consult your vet to ensure compatibility and effectiveness when combining it with other topical or systemic skin treatments.

  • Is this spray suitable for all breeds?

    Absolutely, it’s designed to be effective and safe for a range of breeds, catering to the diverse skin care needs and sensitivities of different types of pets.

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