Bully Bed Product Info

Dog Beds For Large Dogs

Bully Beds: Orthopedic Dog Beds

Bully Beds offer unsurpassed orthopedic dog bed benefits. They provide maximum luxury, stability and joint comfort for any large-breed canine. The key to their durability starts with the use of our exclusive foam that is specifically created to hold heavier weight without losing its structure.

Specialty Foam for the Best Large Dog Beds

Bully beds are made out of hypoallergenic, non-toxic materials that are 100-percent pet and people safe. The base is manufactured from the finest 2-pound orthopedic foam on the market, and then topped off with the same luxurious 4.5-pound memory foam found in high-end mattresses. In combining these advanced functional materials, we create a surface that is both ultra soft and strong – two orthopedic benefits large dogs definitely appreciate. The result is a bed that gently cradles a big dog's joints, while also providing the firm support necessary to keep him comfy, happy and healthy.

Bully Beds are available in a variety of sizes to accommodate every dog breed:

  • Medium: 34x22x4
  • Large: 48x30x7
  • XL: 52x34x7
  • XXL: 60x48x7

We are so confident in the quality and durability of Bully Beds that we guarantee reliable use of our foam for 10 years. The high-density support material layered with the comfort memory foam stacks 7 inches high, keeping your pup off the hard floor underneath while contouring to and cushioning his body's large frame. Our strategic blend of materials can hold 300 pounds easily without sinking or condensing, making it the best dog bed for any size of dog.

Bully Beds Product Features

All of our beds come standard with the following beneficial features:

  • Soft Microfiber Cover with Beautiful Accent Piping
  • Heavy-Duty Zipper to Prevent Chewing
  • Non-Slip Base

In addition to these elements, each Bully Bed has other benefits that serve both the owner and the pup.

Free Waterproof Washable Dog Bed Cover

While other dog-bed manufacturers charge as much as $80 for an internal waterproof cover, Bully Beds provides one for free with each purchased bed. These covers are 100-percent waterproof and repel all urine, water, spit, vomit and any other liquid that may spill, protecting the foam for years to come. The liner sits inside the outer cover and completely encases the whole mattress, providing protection on all sides. It is also easily removable via a zipper for quick and simple cleaning.

Best Dog Beds for Easy Cleaning and Care

Care and laundering instructions are included on the tag for every Bully Bed washable dog bed. Each has a cover that is completely removable for washing. The outer covers can be spot-cleaned as needed or completely washed in the laundry with like colors. To clean the waterproof cover, wipe it down with a mild dish detergent and water and then dry it with a towel. Avoid exposing the foam to heat or moisture, but if it happens, air it out without the covers until no moisture is left. A gentle enzymatic cleaner can also be used on the foam if it somehow becomes stained – but that is unlikely.

Dog Beds That Won't Go Flat

Every Bully Bed comes with a 10-year, no-flat guarantee. One of the major benefits of our orthopedic foam is that it will not flatten by more than 1 inch in 10 years – or we'll replace your dog bed with no questions asked.

Orthopedic Dog Bed Benefits for Small-Dog Owners

Although smaller dogs don't have as much weight to put pressure on their joints, they deserve to have a comfortable and supportive bed, too. For dogs shorter than 21-inches tall, which includes breeds such as Shelties, English Bulldogs, Basset Hounds, Cocker Spaniels, Beagles and Border Collies, the Bully Beds medium-sized bed is perfect. It offers the same quality, dual-layer foam construction, waterproof liner, outer zippered cover and hypoallergenic materials. Our medium beds are a bit softer at only 4 inches tall, yet still hold their shape and will not flatten – even with dogs that are 60-plus pounds.

Guaranteed Satisfaction on Your Dog Bed or Your Money Back

Bully Beds were originally designed for large pups, but all canines can benefit from a supportive, cozy and washable dog bed. We know your pets will love their new sleeping accommodations, but just in case, we offer a 30-day trial period with every purchase to ensure your dogs feel comfortable and at ease on their new bed. Our goal is to offer a completely risk-free experience for dog owners, from our money-back guarantee on undamaged beds to free shipping, and even free return shipping in case the bed doesn't work out for your pet.

With all of these orthopedic dog bed benefits and inclusions, there's no reason not to try out Bully Beds. Place your order today!