Dog Bed Covers


A quality dog bed should never go without the best dog bed cover money can buy. Our covers are more than just hygienic tools; they cater to a variety of needs such as extending the lifespan of your dog bed, aiding in potty training, increasing circulation, reducing discomfort using FIR emissions, and much more.

Washable Dog Bed Covers

It isn’t always easy finding the right cover for dog beds that are larger in size. Especially if your dog can be a little too playful, you need to protect these little investments in order to maximize their usage and for your dog to enjoy them for as long as possible. Designed with that in mind, our variety of dog bed covers carries these features:

Heavy-duty material. Our heavy-duty covers are made of superior 600D fabric. This material is extremely durable and can withstand even the roughest of dogs.

Infrared. We proudly offer the first and only dog bed cover with an FDA medical device certification. Using your dog as its natural power source, our infrared ion fibers reflect FIR emissions back to the skin. This helps with blood circulation, alleviates discomfort, and targets the overall wellness of the entire body. Not only is it functional, it is also very soft, durable, and easy to clean.

Super soft. All our covers are made with super soft microfiber, helping your dog sleep better at night and keep cozy throughout the day.

Washable and removable. Our washable dog bed covers can be removed by zipper and replaced with much ease. Keep your dog’s sleeping ground hygienic by alternating their favorite dog bed covers regularly.

Large sizes. All our dog bed covers come in sizes medium to XXL, and in great neutral colors that go with any interior!

Liners and Blankets

An extra layer of waterproof protection never hurt anybody. Our waterproof dog bed liners are designed to go between the base and cover, to protect the foam from excess moisture that may seep through.

Our waterproof blanket is also perfect for protecting your couch, car seat, or anywhere else your dog likes to snuggle on top of.

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