Crate Pads


Travelling in a crate is not always the most comfortable and enjoyable experience for your pet, which is why investing in some padding can go a long way. Finding a crate pad for chewers is even more difficult, that is why our model is specifically designed for that! Keep your dog’s paws healthy, and your crate safe from damage by getting one today.

Our crate pad for chewers comes with multiple benefits, including:

Chew resistant material. Made of sturdy, proprietary BullyTuf material that was specifically designed to resist any chewing, scratches, or digging.

Water-resistant. The cover is waterproof, which prevents any moisture from seeping through to the foam. Not only is this more hygienic for your pet but it also helps keep bacteria from building up.

Easy to clean. The cover is easy to remove, wash, quick to dry, and a breeze to slip back on. Its material cuts your cleaning time in half and adds absolutely no unnecessary stress!

Prevents choking. We know how important it is to keep choking hazards at bay for all dogs, but most especially with chewers. Our bolster dog crate pad features hidden heavy-duty Velcro closures instead of zippers to lessen the risk of them breaking off and causing intestinal blockage.

Keeps your dog’s paws healthy. This soft yet durable pad acts as an added layer of support for your dog’s paw as it offers a soft and smooth surface for them to rest on.

A sense of security. With the comfort and coziness it brings, your dog can feel more secure to lay and rest, which helps alleviate any stress or anxiety.

Large sizes. If you have a big dog crate for chewers, we have the perfect chew-resistant padding to pair! Our sizes range from large (fits most 36” crates) to giant (fits most 54” crates).

Our guarantee. We are proud of how much work and quality is placed into this crate pad that every purchase comes with a 200-day guarantee. This ensures you that if your dog manages to chew through and damage the product within 200 days of purchase, we will provide a one-time replacement!