3 Sided Bolster Bed Covers

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Size: Medium
Color: Gray
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Give your pet's 3-sided orthopedic bolster bed a fresh, new look with our specially designed 3 Sided Bolster Bed covers. These super soft microfiber covers are the perfect combination of luxury and durability and are available in gray or chocolate to fit any home decor. They provide a quick and easy way to refresh your pet's favorite resting spot while ensuring it remains clean and inviting.

Available in four sizes to match out 3-Sided Bolster Beds:

  • Medium fits 34x22x4 (M) 3 sided bed
  • Large fits 48x30x5 (L) 3 sided bed
  • XL fits 52x34x7 (XL) 3 sided bed
  • XXL fits 60x48x7 (XXL) 3 sided bed


  • Ultra-soft microfiber material combines comfort with durability
  • Specially designed for easy removal and washing
  • Effortless zip-on and zip-off functionality
Durability & Warranty
  • Crafted from premium microfiber for a soft yet sturdy finish.
  • Engineered to withstand regular use and maintain its luxurious feel.
  • Ideal for keeping your bolster bed looking new and feeling cozy.
Washing & Care

These 3-sided bolster bed covers are removable and machine washable for easy care. They maintain their quality and comfort even after multiple washes.

Shipping & Returns

We offer free shipping on our bolster bed covers.

Features & Benefits
Size: Medium
Color: Gray

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CertiPur-US Human
Mattress-Grade Foam

Industry Leading
20 Year Warranty

Promotes Healthy Lifestyle
Premium Ingredients
Made in USA
4,500+ Reviews

When Quality & Comfort Matter

Machine washable

A Size for Every Dog

Durable Materials 

Unmatched Comfort

A Healthy Dog is a Happy Dog

Supports Overall Wellness

Promotes Active Lifestyle

Healthy Skin and Coat

Low Allergy Formulas

Sizes for Our Beds

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Will these covers fit other brands of bolster beds?

    They are specifically designed to fit our 3-sided orthopedic bolster beds for an optimal fit.

  • How do I choose the right size cover for my bed?

    Match the cover size to your bed's dimensions: Medium (34x22x4), Large (48x30x5), XL (52x34x7), or XXL (60x48x7).

  • Are the covers easy to clean?

    Yes, they are machine washable, making it simple to keep your pet's bed fresh and hygienic.

  • Can I interchange colors for a different look?

    Absolutely, choose between gray or chocolate to suit your style or mood.

  • Is the material comfortable for my pet?

    The super soft microfiber is designed for maximum comfort for your pet.

  • Will the cover shrink after washing?

    To prevent shrinkage, it's best to wash in cold water and air dry.

  • Is this a complete bed or just a cover?

    Please note, this is only a cover for the 3-sided orthopedic bolster bed, not the complete bed.

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