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How to Make Your Dog Sleep Better At Night?

Wondering how do dogs sleep better at night?

You’re not alone. Many pet owners raise this concern time and time again. So today, we are here to provide some answers and a quick guide to help both you and your canine!

Sleeping issues usually occur in puppies, as they tend to take frequent naps during the course of the daytime and end up being a ball of energy all through the night. While it is not as common in older dogs, it is still very much a possibility, especially if your dog is sickly.

It is important to figure out how to make a dog sleep if they are regularly having difficulty doing so because it is beneficial in many ways, such as:

  • It helps with the dog’s overall health
  • It helps boost their immune system and fights off illnesses
  • It promotes better brain function
  • It aids in their ability to learn, process training sessions, and think on their paws
  • It promotes good memory
  • It keeps them energized
  • And much more!

How To Put A Dog To Sleep Fast

There are a few things you can try with both your puppy and/or your dog to get them to sleep faster. This not only benefits their health but yours, too!

Tire them out. Take your pet out for a walk or do some brief exercises in the evening. This way, they will feel tired and reduced of energy once they get back on their dog bed.

If you find that you tire out faster than your dogs, perhaps try riding a bicycle instead of being on your feet while accompanying them.

Time their dinner. Like humans, what helps dogs sleep better is a full stomach. By giving older dogs their meals a little later, they may be able to stay asleep longer through the night.

For puppies on the other hand, they tend to have smaller bladders and more frequent bathroom breaks. Because of this, try feeding them early in the evening and having them relieve themselves before sleeping time.

Provide a clean and comfortable dog bed. Investing in a dog bed that is large enough for your canine, and is comfortable enough to sleep on is one surefire way on how to put a dog to sleep fast.

You can find our list of highly recommended dog beds and their specifications here.

Keep them in a quiet room. Dogs are naturally very sociable so having them around people or other dogs may end up keeping them alert. Bring them to a quiet area for them to sleep, and you may even drape a blanket to help them feel secure. It would also help to keep lights off and noise at bay.

You can check our waterproof dog blanket options here.

Keep them company. Separation anxiety is present in dogs of all ages. Establishing a routine and gradually leaving them alone as they get more comfortable is a great way on how to make a dog sleep better throughout the night.

Ensure they do not have any fleas. Parasites are a big reason for dogs to have trouble sleeping. They can be very uncomfortable and wake them up when they get too itchy, so make sure they are healthy and bug-free!

dog bed

Guarantee they are not in pain. Medical issues also make it difficult to get ample rest. For dogs with joint pain, muscle aches, injuries, and the like, an orthopedic dog bed may help alleviate symptoms. We also recommend consulting their veterinarian on the best steps.

Play some music. Studies show that soothing or even classical music is very beneficial to animals and is one way on how to get a dog to sleep.

Try crate training. Crate training helps dogs stop bag habits such as walking around and playing at dawn. Make sure that you make the crate a positive experience for them and allow it to be their go-to safe spot. We recommend investing in a Chew Resistant Crate Pad to keep them extra comfortable and not come into contact with the crate’s surface.

Consider consulting with their veterinarian. While it is not exactly a cause for concern, you may also consult with your veterinarian to double check that your dog is healthy and is not in need of supplements to induce sleep. Perhaps they require prescriptions or just an over the counter supplement such as:

  • Bully Bites Ultra Complete Joint Support Soft Chews
  • K9 Calm Anxiety Chews