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Bully Bed for Small Dogs

$ 89.99 $ 99.99

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$ 89.99 $ 99.99

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- CertiPUR-US Certified Non-Hazardous Foam
- Foam Designed For Small Breed Dog Beds
- 10 Year No-Flat Guarantee
- 7" Thickness On L, XL & XXL (Medium Features 4" Thickness)
- Non-Toxic, Hypoallergenic Materials
- 4.5lb Density Orthopedic Memory Foam
- Free Shipping
- Orthopedic Memory & Support Foam For Small Dogs
- Washable and Removable Microfiber Cover
- Free Breathable Internal Waterproof Cover ($75 Value)
- Beautiful Cover Accent Piping
- Heavy Duty Zipper With Cover To Prevent Chewing
- Non-Slip Base
- Love and Care
CertiPUR Certified

Certified. Safe for Dogs.

  • Bully Beds are made without ozone depleters.
  • Bully Beds are made without PBDEs, TDCPP or TCEP flame retardants.
  • Bully Beds are made without mercury, lead, and other heavy metals.
  • Bully Beds are made without formaldehyde.

Bully Beds for Small Dogs

Although Bully Beds began with big dogs in mind, the quality of our orthopedic dog beds make them a great option for smaller dogs as well, particularly older pets or those that have arthritis. When you buy our small dog beds, you provide your furry friend with the best and most comfortable solution for their little bodies. Your min-pin, chihuahua, beagle or bull dog needs adequate joint support as much as a large dog does, which is why small canines can benefit from Bully Beds, too. But our 4-inch high foam dog beds provide additional advantages your small- to medium-sized pups will appreciate.

Why to Buy a Bully Bed for a Small Dog

Small dogs often like to curl up into balls on soft, cushiony surfaces. If you don’t have a quality small or medium dog bed, this surface may end up being your furniture. For some, pets on the furniture isn’t an issue, but your dog may not want to always lay on the couch where everyone else sits. Most dogs like to have their own space, as it provides a sense of security and comfort. By having their own bed, dogs can rest or nap without being bothered. With a Bully Bed, smaller dogs can snooze in pure plush and supportive comfort.

For many small dogs, tile or hard floors may be too cold to lay on, particularly in winter. Because Bully Beds are at least 4 inches tall, they keep your pets off of the floor and act as insulation for your pup. While our small dog beds are high enough to act as a barrier between your dog and the floor, they aren’t so tall that they will cause injury when climbing on and off. If all your small dog had was furniture to lay on and she couldn’t jump very high, she could risk getting hurt trying to get up, and even jumping down, where the impact could put too much pressure on her little legs. Bully Beds offers your best friend a comfortable, safe place to relax and get good sleep.

Shop for Bully Beds Small and Medium Dog Beds

All of our orthopedic dog beds, whether for large or small dogs, are manufactured using premier support and memory foam. It will not flop or flatten within 10 years or we will replace it for free. Each of our dog beds for small dogs is designed specially for little paws to provide maximum comfort and durability for their longer lifespans. Our small dog beds include a removable and washable microfiber outer cover, a waterproof internal cover, stylish accent piping design, and a heavy-duty zipper to withstand sharp little teeth. When purchasing for your small canine, we recommend the Medium orthopedic dog bed, which is 34”x22”x4”, as it’s more cozy for a little pup. Order yours in Chocolate or Tan, as either is beautiful and both are made with genuine love and care.

Make your best little friend feel cozy, comforted and loved with a Bully Bed for small and medium dogs.

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