Large Memory Foam Dog Bed

When you are shopping for a dog bed for your large breed dog, look no further than Bully Beds. Bully Beds are designed specifically for large and heavy dogs and they are made of high quality materials that will last for years. A large memory foam dog bed is the best option for big dogs because it provides the type of support they need. Other beds simply collapse after just a short length of time. Bully Beds are guaranteed not to flatten for 20 years.

Beds for Large Breed Dogs

All dog beds are not the same. Beds for large dogs need to be made with thicker and denser foam so it will give the added support they need. Remember that your big dog may weigh as much as a person, so he needs the same type of support as a human. Bully Beds fit the bill.

Whether you have a Mastiff, Great Dane or any other large dog, you know that it can be hard to find a bed that holds up to heavy use. Bully Beds has a large memory foam dog bed with 7 inches of orthopedic foam that is 4.5 lb density. It provides the proper amount of support for a big dog. The size also accommodates huge dogs without them having to hang over the edge.

Bully Beds are designed for comfort and easy care. They are made with a removable microfiber cover that you can easily wash. The covers are available in a few different colors so you can coordinate with the furniture in the room. They have beautiful accent piping and a heavy duty zipper that isn’t easily chewed. However, if your dog is a heavy chewer you may want to consider one of our chew resistant beds.

Our large memory foam dog bed comes with a free breathable internal waterproof cover that is valued at $75. The waterproof cover protects the foam from spills, water and other things that could get on the bed.

Buying a Bully Bed

You will find a complete selection of our Bully Beds online. View the testimonials and reviews from actual customers to see that our beds are extremely well-liked. You will also find that they are an affordable option and they ship free. Your dog will love the bed as much as you do. You will find many photos from customers who have a large memory foam dog bed. You can get an idea of how they look during use and how well they hold up to wear and tear.

Our Bully Beds are made with non-toxic, hypoallergenic materials so your pet will be safe. The orthopedic foam helps large pets with hip support and provides a comfortable place to relax and sleep without having to lay on a hard surface. You can purchase additional bed covers so you can change the color if you like. Read the many reviews to see why everyone thinks Bully Beds are the best dog beds for large breed pets.