Large Dog Beds

Your dog deserves a comfortable place to sleep. Big dogs can have a difficult time finding a place to rest – they don’t easily fit on chairs and beds. That leaves them on the hard floor, which can be very uncomfortable. When you love your pet, you want to get him a bed that fits his size. At Bully Beds we specialize in orthopedic large dog beds that are comfortable and therapeutic. When you purchase a dog bed you need to introduce your dog to it in a way that lets them know it belongs to them.

Teaching Your Dog to Use a Dog Bed

Most dogs know right away that the bed is theirs and will immediately begin to use it. For those pets that are a little bit unsure, you need to spend a few minutes showing them how to use it. Dogs need to know that the bed you provide belongs to them so they can feel secure and safe in it. Gently encourage your dog to use his new bed.

Placement of the bed is important because if you put it in an area the dog doesn’t like he may be reluctant to use it. Choose a spot in a room where he normally likes to nap. Don’t move the bed from place to place, at least until he gets used to it. Large dog beds can take up some room, so plan where you want to put it before you unpack it. Don’t put it in a place where there will be too much heat or air conditioning blowing directly onto it.

Show Your Dog His New Bed

Once you’ve placed the bed in an ideal location you’re ready to introduce your dog to it. Don’t force your pet onto the bed because it could cause him to become leery of it. Instead, lead him to it while getting down to his level on the floor. Show him that he can easily get onto it and allow him to sniff and explore it at his own pace.

Don’t allow any other pets to use the bed. This can keep your dog from fully enjoying his new spot. If he doesn’t immediately take to it don’t force him – he’ll get used to it soon enough. If your pet has a favorite blanket or toy you can place it on the bed to encourage him. Then, allow him some time alone to become familiar with the bed. If you have two dogs, make sure each one has his own bed.

Comfort and Style

Bully Beds are extremely comfortable large dog beds. They look great in any room and they perform very well. They can handle the weight of a large dog for many years. Our beds are made with memory foam that is seven inches thick. We guarantee that it won’t flatten under your dog’s weight for ten years. The materials are hypoallergenic and are made of non-toxic substances. We offer free shipping on all orders. Contact Bully Beds today to place an order!