Large Breed Dog Beds

Large dogs are among the most special and provide their owners plenty of affection and attention. Yet they can be difficult to care for. Sometimes it’s hard finding beds, toys and other items that properly fit your pet. Large breed dog beds can be difficult to locate and when you do find one, it may not be good quality. It may be best to purchase a dog bed online. Bully Beds caters specifically to large breeds, offering high quality merchandise at prices that are affordable.

Orthopedic Dog Beds

Dogs enjoy the therapeutic effects of memory foam just as much as humans do. Orthopedic dog beds are designed with the comfort of your pet in mind. Large breed dog beds are perfect for pets that are large in size or that are heavy. The memory foam in our beds is 7 inches thick and guaranteed to hold up, even when used on a daily basis. In fact, we guarantee our dog beds won’t flatten under your dog’s weight for up to ten years.

Your dog needs a comfortable place to rest. Large dogs don’t fit on the sofa or on the bed, so they end up sleeping on the hard floor. Other types of dog beds are expensive but don’t hold up over time. After just a few months of use they may begin to wear out and flatten, making them useless.

Features of Bully Beds

Bully Beds offer plenty of high quality features that make them ideal for your pet. We use therapeutic foam that cradles your dog’s limbs, providing the perfect amount of support. The material in our large breed dog beds is highly durable and is guaranteed not to flatten under your dog’s weight for ten years.

We include a protective waterproof cover at no extra charge. Many companies charge up to $80 just for this cover. This protects the foam, keeping it safe from all types of moisture that can happen on dog beds. The outer cover comes in either tan or chocolate with piping that makes it look like a piece of furniture. It will blend nicely with the décor of the room, no matter where it’s placed.

Additional Features

Our beds are shipped directly to your home in an easy to handle package. Simply follow the un-boxing directions and the bed will be ready for use very quickly. Shipping is free and if you aren’t happy with the product you can send it back free of charge as well. The beds are perfect for placement wherever your dog feels most comfortable resting. He’ll soon discover how comfortable it is and will use it all the time. Materials are all hypoallergenic and made of non-toxic materials. The covers are extremely durable and can withstand rugged use. Heavy duty zippers on the cover are chew-proof. The covers are washable and you can buy additional covers that allow you to have one cover in the wash while still allowing your pet to use his bed. Contact Bully Beds today to place an order!