The Bully Beds Infrared Dog Bed helps eliminate muscle pain & stiffness, joint pain, and inflammation while speeding up recovery. 
Infrared Dog Bed
A perfect fit for:
  • Large breed dogs
  • Aging dogs
  • Arthritic dogs
  • Dogs post-surgery

Keep your dog healthy... and happy

No one wants to see their dog in pain. Joint pain, stiffness, and inflammation may seem inevitable with age or trauma, but they don't have to be. The Bully Beds Infrared Bed helps boost recovery and soothes pain so your pup can go back to living his best life. Check out the full list of benefits:

Speeds up recovery time

Speeds recovery times after surgery or hard play, soothes hip dysplasia, increases stamina and energy levels

Increases blood flow

Promotes dilation of blood vessels, thus increasing blood flow to localized areas, which helps increase recovery and aids in healing

Improves body temperature

Provides a level of thermal insulation that maintains a dog’s natural body temperature, helping them to sleep cooler

Lasts a lifetime

Consistent performance over time even with hundreds of washings


How it works:

  • 1Using the body as its power source, Bully Beds infrared ion advanced ceramic coated fibers reflects far infrared ray (FIR) emissions that are naturally emitted by body heat back to the skin.
  • 2The FIR dilates blood vessels, which temporarily increases blood circulation and enhances tissue oxygen levels
  • 3The infrared emissions are absorbed deep into the tissue, providing increased energy, recovery time, and reduces the level of discomfort.
  • 4Finally, the fabric reflects the FIR, allowing heat to escape, which moderates sleep temperature and keeps the bed from sleeping hot.
How It Works

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Infrared Cover

For our Infrared Beds, we use a proprietary infrared cover on our Original Bully Bed orthopedic beds. If you are a customer who already owns an Original Bully Bed and would just like an Infrared Cover instead of a new bed, just purchase an Infrared Cover for your existing Original Bully Bed below!