Tips For Buying Beds for Big Dogs

Dogs are very active pets that enjoy playing, sniffing, and exploring, but it is also very important for them to get adequate rest. As a dog owner, you can help your dog get the necessary downtime that they need by providing a comfortable and quiet place for them to rest without any disturbance.

When you have a big dog, you need to avoid trapping the dog in a smaller crate or mattress by investing in the right beds for big dogs. If you have a very big dog like a German Shepherd, Mastiff, or a Great Dane, then you should know that the normal sized bed for dogs will not suit them.

Nevertheless, looking for the right beds for big dogs can be time-intense and confusing, so in this article are some practical tips that will help you when shopping for beds for big dogs. These few but essential tips will guide you and ensure you achieve your desired result. Here are some of the tips:

Take the Measurement of Your Dog

Yes, big dogs are super large. But they are not all of the same sizes. Before you go shopping, you need to get the right measurement of your dog. When your dog is sleeping, grab a measuring tape and measure the length of your dog from nose to tail.

After getting the measurement, you can compare the measurement you have with the sizing chart of a brick-and-mortar or online store. To make sure your dog has enough space to move around, consider adding more 15 inches to the length.

Consider memory foams

Beds for big dogs are available in a variety of designs. For instance, a heated dog bed is great for winter. Some of them are actually so luxurious that you would love to sleep on them. But when you have to choose between aesthetics and function, make sure you put function first. You should also consider memory foam dog beds. These beds have a lot of benefits to offer to your dog, especially when your dog is getting old, has undergone surgery, or is suffering from a bone or joint related condition.

Memory foam dog beds can help your dog in a lot of ways. It can naturally follow your dog’s shape; this helps to reduce stress. It can relieve pressure on the bones and joints of a dog by distributing the weight of the dog.

It also helps to put the temperature of the dog under control; this will make your dog sleep all night comfortably. It can also retain its shape for a very long irrespective of how many times or how long it has been used by a dog.

Consider Buying a Crate Pad

If your dog is still under training on how to sleep by himself, or if your dog seems to be more comfortable sleeping inside a kennel or a crate, then you should consider buying a crate pad. This includes Kong beds for big dogs that can easily fit in crates or kennels. It has an awesome cushion, and it is a great fit for big dogs. It is also water resistant.