Pet Care & Dog Supplements

Keep your dog fresh and healthy with our variety of dog pet care products. These are not only formulated to aid in physical wellness, but can also do wonders for their mental health as well.


We have two excellent shampoo options to choose from that cater to general hygiene and added protection.

Premium shampoo. Our premium option is infused with aloe, oatmeal, cucumber, and melon. This combination offers a pleasant scent that aids in your dog’s odor control. It is highly moisturizing and soothing, perfect for ensuring a healthy coat after every bath.

This hypoallergenic option utilizes liposome technology. The process intensifies the benefits found in all the natural ingredients and directly enriches your dog’s system, which encourages a healthier and happier pooch.

The Premium Shampoo is one of our mild dog care products, and is made for general bathing.

Medicated shampoo. Our medicated option is formulated by a veterinarian and contains both Ketoconzaole (for antifungal benefits) and Chloroxylenol (for antibacterial benefits). This option covers a wide range of antifungal and antibacterial properties, perfect for dogs with more sensitive skin.


We have two dog oral care chews that either target joint support or anxiety – both equally crucial factors to your dog’s overall wellbeing. Supplying your pet with regular soft chews ensures that they live a happier and pain-free life.

Joint support. Our Ultra Complete Joint Support Soft Chews is loaded with a broad spectrum of multivitamins and pharmaceutical grade ingredients, that when combined can offer multiple benefits. These include:

  • An increase in your dog’s lifespan
  • Reduced inflammation
  • Reduced pain and aches
  • Increased mobility

These soft chews are made with a low allergy formula and are guaranteed to be as delicious as it is healthy!

Calm anxiety. Many dogs suffer from separation anxiety, aggression, fearfulness, and nervousness. There could be a number of factors that led to the development of their anxiety, and while diagnosis can vary, these chewables can alleviate any of their symptoms. Our calm anxiety chews are infused with hemp that can greatly aid in relaxing your dog’s muscles and mind, helping them ease away from their anxiousness.