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3 Simple Ways To Keeping A Dog Bed Clean

3 Simple Ways To Keeping A Dog Bed Clean

Everyone including our pet dogs loves a good night's sleep. Just like us, dogs often enjoy a quality dog bed for all of the same reasons.

Ultimately, the option of whether or not to provide a bed for our dog is a unique and individual decision from one owner to another. Since we have a history with animals allowing them to sleep among us especially during the cold season.

The bond with which we share with our beloved pets is indeed strengthened through years and years of mutual love, not to mention the fact that canines, in general, tend to look at their owners as the alpha in the pack.

You may have a dog that is a member of your family already or have recently gotten a new furry little friend. It may seem pretty obvious, but dog beds are an integral part of your dog’s well-being, so getting one that bests suits his (and yours) needs is something requiring a little bit of thought.

Dog Bed

There are fabric 'donut' style beds, and the pillow-style beds are a nice idea too, like big squishy beanbags, but anything soft or furry will help encourage your puppy/ies to stay there.

With the dogs’ sleeping habits come the many instances in which they get all too comfortable in their beds.

So much so that there are some situations that an “accident” is inevitable (especially in geriatric dogs and puppies in training). Drooling, which is common in large breed dogs, can make the bed smell unpleasant.

Dogs too have a love for the outdoors, and getting inside their beds after a rough and tumble play outside can bring in some dirt and mud. If not cleaned right away these can accumulate in their bed which hardens over time. Also, dogs get fleas and ticks that can hide in their comfy beds, pillows, blankets, even toys.

Using flea and tick powder for your dog as a treatment is helpful, even having him wear a flea collar. But if there are fleas in his bedding, the reinfestation will happen again and again.

Putting flea powder on the bed won’t help and is not as effective as you may think. Getting rid of pests involves washing the bed, and ensuring you have a product ready for both the dog, and his belongings.

Dog hairs can accumulate in their beds, too. One of the reasons why washing your dog bed clean can be difficult, and thorough cleaning must be made. Dogs of larger breeds obviously are quite big and strong. They sometimes fall asleep in the hallway or in front of doors, or on the floor heading upstairs. These are inconvenient places and therefore a nice, warm, and comfy bed is what they need.

These dogs ---- depending on the breed --- also tend to drool and cleaning drool off of their bedding can be a little difficult. 

A washable dog bed is worth considering here, not only is it easy to keep clean but if your dog is spending more time in there, there's less drool to deal with. You can of course add blankets or pillows if you feel your dog needs to be a little snuggly as ever. 

Getting the right bed for your dog is quite important, from both training and your dog’s well-being. The right one will ensure you and your dog can live in harmony and will love you more for having his own 'haven' and this can only help improve your friendship with him.


Part of your puppy’s training is having to stay in a warm, snuggly bed. Dogs trained early on will pick up a lot of the lessons that were given to them, and it’s easily more so with puppies.

Puppies Bed

Young as they are, it’s better to regularly check their bed for bodily wastes, fleas, and other unwanted items they took to play with. Also, make it a point to keep their bedding clean at all times to avoid the stench that will arise if ignored.

Whelping Dog Moms

Pregnant dogs need all the care they can get. This is especially crucial in whelping dogs. Around the time of going into labor up to the point of giving birth to puppies, expect their bed to get a little messy, which means you have to change sheets, blankets, pillows, and even clean the entire bed as frequently as possible.

Dog Moms

It will help if you have an extra dog bed in cases like this. As the puppies grow, so is your responsibility of regular cleaning and maintenance to keep the newly birthed puppies and their mom safe and healthy.

Geriatric Dogs

Like any other animal, dogs experience all sorts of discomfort once they reach old age. There are dog breeds that are susceptible to a specific ailment or two, such as hip dysplasia in Great Danes. 

And there are some dogs that experience early onset of canine arthritis, causing uncomfortable joint pains and swelling in the affected bodily parts. It’s better to pay more attention to their behavior and the way they settle inside their beds.

In cases like this, if you own an older dog who’s experiencing discomfort, you may have to start checking his bed for any signs of dried drool, urine, or fecal matter. Doing this makes his place takes away a portion of his health problem, not to mention you are actually helping them cope as easily and comfortably as possible.

To Keep Your Dog Bed Clean, Do These 3 Simple Ways

The importance of a bed for your dog cannot be stressed enough. Dogs need a place to relax and sleep day and night. 

Perhaps the most important reason is that if your dog has his bed inside your home, wouldn't you want to be able to keep it clean? Consider this seriously: washing the sheets regularly to keep them clean and fresh. Why wouldn't you want your pet to have a clean bed to lie on?

Cleanliness inside the home has its many benefits not just for you, but for your dog as well. If your pet only gets to sleep in a largely improvised box-bed and has lots of sheets in it, unchanged bedding will get to emit an unpleasant scent that is overpowering if unattended for a long time.

To get a better handle on cleaning your dog bed, here are 3 simple ways to do so:

1) Use A Cat Brush

Cat brush is a highly recommended tool to get loose hair off of your dog’s bedding and blanket. It may take you a while to finish, but it is an important and necessary step in cleaning. Washing sheets will leave wet hair that sticks like glue to the insides of the washer and will clog the dryer lint basket.

The great thing about washable dog beds is that they are made to be washed. When done regularly, the chances of a dog bed ending up a breeding place for mites or fleas and other bugs are minimal to none.

2) Use An Enzymatic Cleaner For Pets

Spray the bed on both sides with an enzymatic cleaner and let it sit for about 5 minutes to completely soak in. In the absence of this type of cleaner, you may use baking soda or apple cider, or white vinegar.

3) Put The Dog Bed In The Washer

Fold the bed and run it through a regular wash cycle with detergent. The downside is that some wet fur will stick on the washer lid if there’s some left on the bedding.  But if you have already removed most of the hair before washing them, simply brush the bed again and use paper towels for any hair that’s left on the bedding and in the washer and dryer to avoid clogging.

Maintaining A Clean Dog Bed Should Be Easier Than You Think

No doubt, a dog that is lovingly given his own bed can grow attached to it, making it his own, his prized possession. It is his lair, a place in which he can relax and sleep for as long as he likes.

Clean Dog Bed

But after a while, the bed eventually becomes dirty and soiled. Of course, nobody wants the stench lingering in your home all the time, day in and day out. Cleaning and maintenance for the dog bed only make so much sense for health and safety reasons.

And, because dogs are part of human families, the best thing you can give your dog in terms of comfort and health is a washable dog bed, pillows, and blankets.

There is a wide range of washable pillows or even bean bags designed especially for dogs. If you’re planning on getting one, only choose the highly recommended dog beds and other accessories.

Choose a dog bed that is soft, making it easier to clean and wash.  These washable dog beds will always retain their softness regardless of washing and cleaning frequency.

Keep in mind that caring for your dog doesn’t stop at sharing your home with him. This involves a plethora of responsibilities to keep him safe, and healthy all the time.

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