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Does Your Dog Need A Calming Bed?

Does Your Dog Need A Calming Bed?

Most pet owners have surely come across articles or have spoken to colleagues suggesting they get a dog calming bed. The benefits that both you and your canine stand to gain from investing in one goes above and beyond as it targets multiple aspects of your dog’s daily life.

Despite the praise that calming beds for dogs receive, there are a few questions that come to mind, and we tackle each of them below.

What Is A Dog Calming Bed For?

The best calming bed for dogs are designed to offer the following advantages:

  • Alleviates stress
  • Reduces symptoms of mild to moderate separation anxiety
  • Provides dogs enough assurance and a good sense of security
  • Makes dogs feel more supported and consoled
  • Provides extra comfort through the use of soft yet sturdy materials

And in turn, it also enhances your relationship with your pets and allows you to provide a better quality of life for them.

Studies show that with happier pets, you can also benefit by boosting your mental health, gaining greater self-esteem, reducing the chances of feeling lonely, developing a more socially outgoing perspective, being more physically fit, and generally developing healthier relationships. This makes calming beds for dogs a definite win-win situation!

Does Your Canine Need A Dog Calming Bed?

Not sure if it is the right bed for your pet? We have provided a handy checklist for signs to look out for!

If your dog suffers from any of the following symptoms below, then it is highly recommended that you provide them with the best calming beds for dogs you can find:

  • Separation anxiety
  • Usually fearful
  • Usually stressed
  • Has trouble sleeping
  • Has trouble eating
  • Has trouble being alone
  • Is not very sociable even towards familiar dogs or humans
  • Is sickly or in pain
  • Is of old age

Canines that experience the above symptoms are exactly the market for dog calming beds as they are most in need and can reap the benefits a lot more.

Granting a quality dog bed can alleviate only mild to moderate symptoms, it can also greatly help those with more severe cases so long as the treatment strategy is complemented with canine medication and/ or therapy.

Can Happy and Healthy Dogs Benefit From A Dog Calming Bed?

Yes, they most definitely can!

If you find that your furry friend does not show any of the symptoms above, it does not mean there is nothing a dog calming bed can offer them anymore. Some of the best things that perfectly happy, healthy, and naturally calm dogs can gain from a calming bed are:

It helps shape trust and assurance

Dogs are famous for their happy disposition and sociable personality. They absolutely love being held, petted, and shown some affection. Especially in puppies, they get this not only from their humans but from their mother and siblings as well.

A calming dog bed somewhat echoes this experience and helps shape both their trust and assurance in your home (and with you).

It keeps their emotional and mental health positive

Just like humans, we have our bad days. Even if your dog does not experience any medical issues, there will be some times that they may feel a little anxious in terms of new environments, experiences, people, or even animals.

They may even feel a little sad like when you leave for work all day. While these are perfectly fine situations, they could make your pet feel a little sad and lonely when added up.

A calming bed gives them a safe and cozy space during these times or at the end of the day. It makes them feel more secure and supported, which alleviates negative symptoms and may enhance production of their happy hormones.

It provides daily comfort

The best calming beds for dogs are made of high quality materials that are soft to the touch and durable enough to last a long while. Because these were designed for jittery animals, there is definitely a lot of extra thought placed into the make of each bed.

Our Recommended Dog Calming Bed

Dog Calming Bed

The Bully Beds Calming Faux Fur Round Bed features the softest faux fur, with a durable memory foam foundation. It has raised edges all around that provide ample headrest and also forms a cozy nook that mimics a big, safe hug.

It comes in Large, XL, and XXL, perfect for even the biggest dogs! Another advantage is its washable and removable covers which help you save time and energy.

We offer a 20-year No-Flat Guarantee to ensure your dog’s comfort levels stay maintained for a long while, and you get the most out of your investment!

What Can You Compliment A Dog Calming Bed With?

Even the best calming beds for dogs have their limits. When it comes to furry friends with severe anxiety, stress levels, and other concerns, their safe haven will most likely need a little back up to compliment their treatment.

Here are a few things you can do to help alleviate anxiety in your dogs:

Give them ample exercise

Exercise has three benefits, namely:

  • It eases separation anxiety in dogs by acting as a bonding ritual
  • It helps provide them good rest due to feeling tired
  • It helps release happy hormones

Give them a massage

Dogs absolutely love getting a massage! It releases tension in their muscles and can also help you better identify where they store most of their stress.

Try music therapy

Studies show that music can relax animals and it can also lessen any stressful stimuli from the environment such as loud noises.

Have them wear calming t-shirts or coats

These provide mild yet constant pressure on your dog’s torso, which mimics that of being held or coddled.

Bring in a professional dog trainer

Professional trainers can treat phobia through desensitization, counter-condition, or other methods they feel are fit for your canine’s personal situation.

Have them take supplements

K9 Calm Anxiety Chews

Supplements are a great source of relaxation for dogs and can easily be administered. We recommend trying out our K9 Calm Anxiety Chews made of natural ingredients and 100% made in the USA.

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