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Best Christmas Gifts for Dogs

Christmas is considered by many to be the most wonderful time of the year. It’s filled with love and laughter. The holiday is the time to get with loved ones, travel back home, get cozy, and celebrate memories. Growing up, Christmas became the holiday that most kids loved to celebrate; besides the candy on Halloween. 

Whether you wake up on Christmas day to a room of presents or staring out the window drinking hot chocolate while breakfast is being prepared, Christmas is nothing short of magical. Most parents go out of their way to provide and make sure that their children get everything that their hearts deserve. Whether it’s standing in line for hours trying to get the latest game or limited edition doll, the joy on the child’s face is the major payoff. 

On this special holiday, making your family happy is the joy that fills your heart. But it’s just as fulfilling to see your dog experience that same joy that children do when they open that special gift under the tree. Purchasing gifts for your human family members can be a breeze considering that they’re capable of talking and telling you exactly what they want. Even if they don’t tell you what they want for Christmas, they’ll sometimes write out a list, or you may notice something they’re in need of but don’t have, or simply just may find a book from their favorite author. 

But shopping for your furry loved ones may be a little more difficult. Whether that’s the latest toy on the market or the best bed for your big dog, the choices are endless. I’ve been there before. Which is why I’ve created this list to help you discover some of the best gifts you can give your dog this Christmas.


Like kids, dogs love to play. Toys are one of the most popular things to give your do during the Christmas holiday. Some popular toys consist of the following, provided by

  • ZippyPaws Holiday Reindeer Hide and Seek Plush toy-  This is an interactive plush puzzle toy that challenges your dog mentally and physically. 
  • Bubbletastic Bacon Bubble Machine for Dogs-  This is a bubble machine that blows out bubbles that taste like yummy bacon. The machine uses 100% non-toxic solution which will blow as soon as you load the machine with the solution, turn it on, and sit back  and watch your dog go chase and chomp bubbles. 
  • Kong Wubba Ballistic Friends- This is a durable interactive squeaky dog toy that is cute and tough. This toy challenges your dog physically. The toy is covered with durable, reinforced nylon, designed for both indoor and outdoor use. 
  • i Fetch Interactive Ball Thrower for Dogs- This gift is perfect for a dog but definitely comes in handy for the dog owner. The balls are inserted in the machine and shortly after, the ball shoots out for a game of fetch. 
  • Squeaky Plush Dog Toy- Dogs like squeaky toys because it’s fun to bite down and get an interesting sound. 

Treats and Food

Dog treats and food are like snacks to children. Who doesn’t like a good snack every now and then? The following treats are considered to be a very good gift for your dog for Christmas according to Mydogsname: 

  • Raw Paws Dog Treat Gift Basket- This gift includes high-quality, all natural treats that dogs love. The treats consist of compressed rawhide sticks and bones, jumbo Bully sticks, grain-free dog biscuits and peanut butter cookies made for dogs. All treats that are included are 100% digestible and free from anything artificial.  
  • Bust Bully Sticks- These sticks are a great alternative to rawhides. They are made from high-quality, free range, grass-fed beef that is 100% digestible and safe. Each stick will keep a dog occupied for a long time. 
  • Classic Gourmet Dog Cookies- These cookies are created by Ckaudia’s Canine Cuisine. They are baked with premium, human grade ingredients. The pack includes 50 assorted holiday cookies. 
  • Triple Flavored Rawhide Kabobs- These chew treats are made from rawhide and pork hide, then wrapped with real chicken, duck, and chicken liver.  

Clothing and Accessories

Dogs can be just as fashionable as humans, whether it’s clothing for a day out of the house or warm Christmas pajamas to lounge around and sleep well. According to, here are some great options for you dog this Christmas: 

  • Frisco Snowy Night Dog Cozy Fleece PJs- These pajamas are functional for dogs and contain pet fur and dander. They are affordable and range in sizes from XS-3XL. Perfect for Christmas morning photos with the family.  
  • Frisco Boulder Dog Puffer- This puffer coat has a soft fleece lining and a water-resistant shell to keep your dog warm and dry. This puffer coat is perfect for the cold, snowy winter weather. The sizes range from XS-3XL. 
  • ThunderShirt Anxiety and Calming Aid for Dogs- This is the ideal gift for dogs who struggle with separation anxiety or get tense in new or unfamiliar environments.It’s a calming aid that may help reduce your dog’s anxiety. It’s patented design uses gentle, constant pressure to help calm your dog in stressful moments. It’s like giving your dog a continuous hug. The shirts are available in size XS-3XL. 

Collars and ID Tags

Treating your dog to a customized gift is always an excellent idea. The following are gifts that will help identify your furry love ones according to

  • Frisco Personalized Nylon Dog Collar- This collar taps into the monogram trend seen in human fashion. You’re allowed to pick your favorite color combinations and add your dog’s initials or name and your phone number to the woven nylon collar.
  • Jiobit GPS Dog Location Monitor- This gift gives you the opportunity to keep an eye on your dog no matter where you are. It's small enough to easily clip onto their collar. The device uses a combination of cellular, GPS, Wi-FI and Bluetooth to monitor your pet’s location. This is perfect for the adventurous dog. 

These options mentioned above are just a few suggestions to treat your dog to this Christmas. There are many many more gifts that your dog will love and I'm sure will appreciate. But if you get stumped or need any last-minute ideas, give these suggestions a try and let us know which gift your dog just couldn’t wait to open this year.