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The Ultimate Owners Guide: Therapeutic Dog Beds

I hear the term therapeutic dog bed just about everyday. A lot of manufacturers and stores claim to have therapeutic dog beds, when in reality, their beds are really no different than the standard dog beds purchased very cheaply at your local big box store. That's why I wanted to clear this term up and define it a little more in depth.

What is a therapeutic dog bed?

A true therapeutic large breed dog bed will help soothe and reduce symptoms of canine ailments endemic to big dogs and older dogs such as hip dysplasia, arthritis, and general joint pain among many other problems.

The soothing and reduction of these symptoms is accomplished through better circulation, proper support, and a more restful and deep sleep via the supportive foam and construction of your dog bed.

Dog beds that crumple and cave in don’t allow for optimum circulation due to uneven support. This uneven support can cut off blood flow to certain areas of a dog’s body. The closest comparison would be recalling a time when your foot or hand “falls asleep”.

Original Orthopedic Dog Bed - Bully Beds

If you suffer from arthritis or some other ailment or injury, simple medical science tells us that improper blood flow, especially to injured or diseased area of the body, only makes things worse and more painful. Good circulation and blood flow is key to good health, but also key to assisting the body in repairing injured or broken areas.

As humans, we understand this and can make adjustments in our daily life to help avoid issues like uncomfortable seating or sleeping positions.

Unfortunately, our dogs cannot do the same. They’ll lie on a hard floor or cheap bed because they don’t know any better and will continue to suffer through their ailments and pain because they have no other choice.

This is why responsible dog owners owe it to their pets to provide them with a supportive and comfortable bed.

Benefits of therapeutic dog beds

Proper support in a dog's bed not only optimizes circulation, but it also cushions and takes stress off joints and hips. It’s the joints and hips that are most stressed in large breed dogs due to the weight they must carry each day. A true therapeutic dog bed will evenly support and cushion these problem areas of large dogs.

At Bully Beds, we provide a variety of different beds to choose from that are built with certified-safe, human grade foam and include a machine washable and removable cover to make cleanup as easy as possible. 

Orthopedic 3 Sided Bolster Bed - Bully Beds

Large breed dogs sleep nearly 18 or more hours in a day and get less deep REM sleep that humans do. This is why a therapeutic bed is so important to these breeds. If your dog is not getting healthy REM sleep, their bodies will tire quicker, and experience more stress throughout their usual day.

Also, we know that sleep and rest is key to allowing our bodies to heal and this is no different in dogs. A good therapeutic bed will help your dog rest and sleep more soundly, which will help promote better longevity as well as joint, hip and overall health.

What are therapeutic dog beds made of?

There are many different types of foam that offer therapeutic support, but the leading foam for years has been orthopedic memory foam, also know as visco elastic foam or some variation of that foam. 

It's also important to keep in mind that memory foam dog beds need a support foam base to get the optimal benefits. Steer clear of any dog bed that advertises “100% memory foam”. A memory foam base is essential to achieve the support it was designed to offer.

And to ensure the foam doesn't get ruined and lasts a lifetime, it's vital to find a dog bed that includes a water resistant cover, like ours do

Therapeutic Dog Bed - Bully Beds Customer Review

Therapeutic Dog Beds: The bottom line

The bottom line is that we should give our four legged friends something to rest and sleep on that would also work for us.

I’m sure anyone reading this can recall a time they slept on a couch or cheap mattress and how tired and sore they were the next day. Now, think how your dog must feel day in and day out if they’re sleeping on the floor or a cheap dog bed all of the time.

Rewarding your dog with a therapeutic dog bed will greatly reduce their discomfort and help them live a more healthy and happier life.