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Everything You Need to Know on Choosing a Big Dog Bed for Your Older Dog

It’s hard seeing your canine companion age, but a quality dog bed can bring tons of happiness and comfort to your dog during his golden years. Orthopedic big dog beds have various features to make your senior canine snug and comfy in their old age. Some popular orthopedic dog bed features are:

Extra Large Dog Bed for Older Dog

▪                Memory Foam: Orthopedic dog beds with memory foam are highly recommended for senior canines. They help ease the pain of achy joints, and the stiff foam makes it easier for old dogs to get up after laying down.

*Liquid/Stain Resistant As dogs get older, accidents become more frequent as bladder and bowl control deteriorates. Liquid and stain resistant dog beds can help provide a solution. 

 Bully Beds offer an orthopedic base, a waterproof lining, and a removable cover than can be taken off and washed.