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Ever wondered why you feel more comfortable in your bed than you feel in someone else’s? Remember when you were couldn’t sleep at your friend’s home because you were not comfortable with the bed? Our bed plays an important role in our lives, sleep, and our comfort.

Therefore, the right bed provides you with proper rest, relaxation and sleep, keeping him healthy, active, and lively. Similarly, your best friend also requires just the right bed to stay healthy, active, lively and able to add joy to your life.Extra Large Dog Bed 

It Improves their Health

If your dog does not have his own bed or is not comfortable with what they have, your pet is likely to sit on other surfaces. While your dog sits on other surfaces, they are more vulnerable to germs and changes in temperature. Moreover, your pal may also sit on your bed and other furniture.

If your dog lies on a solid, hard flooring, they will develop achy joints and callus’ on their elbows, allowing arthritis to settle in. If the flooring is cold, that is also detrimental to the movement of the joints, especially as your pet ages.

Therefore, choosing the right bed will not only help ensure your pet health but also your family health. In fact, if your pal is a rather big guy, perhaps a big dog bed is the right choice. Bully Beds provides premium quality beds for dogs of all sizes and breeds.


It Gives your “Best Friend” Unmatched Support

Your dog spends most of his time jumping around the house, walking up and down the stairs, running and playing. All these activities put a lot of stress on your bud’s joints, bones, and muscles. Therefore, each needs adequate support for your best friend to remain healthy, happy, and active. This is particularly important for large dog breeds, who are at greater risk of arthritis and other joint issues.

Specialized beds such as a memory foam dog bed and an orthopedic large dog bed are great. Not only do they keep your pal comfortable, they give him the support he needs…at ALL stages of his or her life.

It helps them Maintain their body Temperature

Maintaining temperature is also important as it helps keep your dog comfortable. Therefore, purchase a bed that offers better breathability through its fabrics. This ensures optimum comfort and prevents his temperature from soaring high.

The Right Bed Keeps Him Active

When you wake up at times, don’t you feel like going back to sleep? Well, if your dog doesn’t get the sleep she needs, she feels the same way. Therefore, if you want your dog to jump, play, run and be happy – stay active – purchase them a good dog bed, preferably a large dog bed.

AND, if your pet is comfortable in his bed, he won’t wander around your bedroom, restless, therefore interfering with your OWN sleep!

There are so many reasons why you should purchase the right bed for your best friend. Other than all the ones listed above, I believe the most important reason is that they are your best friend and thus deserve the best.

Bully Beds do offer the highest quality of beds on the market. You can buy a $50-$100 bed every other month, or buy one bed for the LIFE of your dog.

*all beds are high quality and have heavy stitching. Many offer a moisture proof cover, as well as a removable outer covering that you can launder or dry clean (and will hold up over many washings!)

*All beds come in sizes to fit your dog.

*most of the premium beds come with a 10 year guarantee. That ensures that this is the last and only bed your pet will ever need.

Bully Beds…”Where the most Spoiled Pets Shop!”