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Big Dog Bed

If you have an older big dog that struggles with hip dysplasia or arthritis, it’s so hard to see your pet suffering. Other than the incredible pain and discomfort, your pet can have a hard time getting a good night’s sleep because of aching joints being pressured, just like us humans do. Thanks to Bully Beds, no only can you assist your dog with a lifetime of correct sleeping posture, but you can prevent joint issues, arthritis, and discomfort for your dog…at any age and size. And, if your dog is sleeping better and isn’t restless…you’ll sleep better too!


There are several types of therapeutic beds…and here are the ones I’m familiar with due to my experience with them, as a breeder of Labradors for 30 years.


  • Memory foam—This type of form, also called therapeutic foam, contours to a dog’s shape. What’s more, this insulating material responds to temperature changes. It’s an excellent choice for arthritic or older dogs, giving them needed support and relief from pain. I find these last the lifetime of the dog, and do not lose their form or shape. Giving your dog the correct type of bed EARLY in life can PREVENT further arthritic problems as well! I call these an A+ type dog bed. Bully Bed is the “Mercedes” type of therapeutic bed, in my opinion. Plus it comes with a 10 year guarantee…can’t beat that!!
  • Egg-crate foam—This is named for its egg-crate, textured surface. Rather than being a flat layer, it resembles an enlarged egg carton. The foam helps keep a dog cooler in summer and warmer in winter. You may find these in your big box pet stores. This type of foam is more affordable than therapeutic foam. On the other hand, the foam is thinner, making it less supportive and durable than therapeutic foam. I would give this type of bed a B rating, and in my experience, they only last less than a year, and your dog is again sinking through the mattress onto the hard, cold floor beneath it. Bully Bed’s mattresses far exceed this type of bed…in every way. Skip these sub-standard mattresses and give your pet the gift of good support at ALL stages of its life.


Other Considerations and Warnings


  • Select beds that have removable covers, as they’re easier to wash. You can always buy a removable cover if the bed you prefer doesn't have one. Even better, Bully Beds offers a waterproof cover over the interior mattress, which will protect the mattress and help it to keeps its shape and not break down over time. This is also helpful if you have an elderly dog that may be incontinent. It won’t affect the integrity of the mattress.
  • Allow your dog time to get used to his or her new bed. Most dogs are conservative and don’t take to change at first. However, it won’t be belong before your pet will be comfortably sleeping, again.
  • Orthopedic beds are also good for ailing dogs and canines recuperating from surgery.