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12 Famous Dogs You Need to Follow on Social Media

12 Famous Dogs You Need to Follow on Social Media

The internet is full of animal pictures and videos. From YouTube to Instagram and Facebook, it would be hard to peruse a social media site these days without seeing a post about someone’s pet. In fact, many of the most popular viral videos and memes showcase an animal looking cute or doing something interesting. Because of this, some pets become famous, with a few even earning money for their parents.

Famous Dogs

Everyone loves their own furry friend, but social media has created celebrity dogs who are adored by the public. For internet users browsing the web in search of entertainment, knowing these go-to pet accounts can make that process easy. Any time you need a laugh, sweet moment or smile, famous dogs on social media can deliver.

The tiny pups are often popular because of their size, but large dogs are making a name for themselves as well. If you are interested in giant dog breeds, take a moment (or hours) to check out the 12 famous dogs below the next time you are online. They are cute, cuddly and often hilarious to watch!

  1. Bodhi “The Menswear Dog”
    Bodhi “The Menswear Dog”
    Bodhi is a furry Shiba Inu representing fashion at its finest. His Instagram page is full of pictures of him posing wearing men’s clothing and accessories, which has led him to be known as “The Menswear Dog.” He adorns hats, scarves, jackets, sunglasses, ties and sweaters in several settings, including on a motorcycle, in an office, at a kitchen table, in a studio and on a bed. Since becoming a celebrity dog online, Bodhi has become a fashion model who has been featured in menswear ad campaigns for major designers.
  2. Tillman The Bulldog
    Tillman The Bulldog
    Although Tillman passed away in 2015, the English bulldog became a famous pooch for his adventurous nature and adorable scrunched-up face. Many of his online videos and pictures show the pup skateboarding, snowboarding or surfing, making him somewhat of an athletic legend in the dog world. Tillman gained popularity and media attention for earning the Guinness Book World Record for fastest 100-meters on a skateboard by a dog.
  3. Sometimes Carl
    Sometimes Carl
    This bluenose pitbull’s real name is Chase, but his online alter ego is known as Sometimes Carl. His owner shares pictures and videos of his daily life on his Instagram page, and most of the posts have thousands of likes – some even have hundreds of thousands of likes. A lot of Carl’s pictures show him making silly faces, dressed up in costumes, or “being exceptionally weird,” as noted by his owner.
  4. Nash
    Nash is a Portuguese Water Dog living in Ontario, Canada. His parents post a variety of images on his Instagram page, including several action shots and close-ups of the furry pup’s face, which is usually half covered by his long, curly locks. He is a show pup that seems quite playful and fun, yet his pictures show him as a precious snuggle buddy as well.
  5. Lucielle Bull
    Lucielle Bull
    Aside from having a clever name, Lucielle, or Lucy, is a performer. Her owner shares posed portraits or pictures of the pooch acting silly, often dressed in funny hats, capes, wigs, glasses and other unique attire. This English bulldog generally has her large tongue out, hanging to the side or slightly protruding out the front of her obvious underbite.
  6. Neville Jacobs
    Neville Jacobs
    With 198,000 followers on his Instagram page, Neville Jacobs is a celebrity dog getting a lot of attention. He originally became famous for being the bull terrier of fashion designer Marc Jacobs, but has since established his own following for his luxury lifestyle. He travels the world on private plane, hangs out with models and eats popsicles. He even has his own book accounting his life as a famous dog.
  7. Walter the St. Bernard
    Walter the St. Bernard
    His Instagram page is a glimpse into “Wally’s world,” and showcases images and videos of Walter the St. Bernard before his passing in 2015. He loved stuffed animals and was as big as the average 10-year-old, but he was extremely loving and adored by everyone who met him. His pictures show him at events, his dog show experiences, and the many people he met in his travels, most of which garner thousands of likes.
  8. Denver “The Guilty Dog”
    Denver “The Guilty Dog”
    Commonly used as a meme, Denver became a famous dog when her owner posted an image of her looking guilty after eating an entire bag of cat treats. Several similar pictures are shared on her Facebook page, making this pup easily recognizable. Her celebrity dog status has resulted in a children’s book deal and appearances in advertising.
  9. Mishka the Talking Husky
    Mishka the Talking Husky
    With almost a million followers on her Facebook page, this Siberian Husky is impressing viewers everywhere. Along with being an adorable pup, Mishka the celebrity large dog has the ability to mimic sounds so she seems like she is speaking. Her owners post videos of her saying different phrases they taught her, including “I love you” and “I’m hungry.”
  10. The Pointer Brothers
    The Pointer Brothers
    Travis and Gus, better known as the Pointer Brothers, were rescued by their mom, Steph, and now give back to dog rescue charities. They are German shorthair pointers with 240,000 followers on their Instagram page. The images Steph shares are of the adventures she has with her two pups, including pictures of the dogs dressed up, playing in the snow, at the beach and horsing around in the grass. Fans can buy calendars or photo books of the large breed dog brothers.
  11. Princess Belle the Great Dane
    Princess Belle the Great Dane
    When it comes to giant dog breeds, Great Danes are pretty popular, particularly Princess Belle. She is just a puppy and still growing her celebrity status, but is quickly becoming a well-known famous dog on the internet. Her sweet puppy-dog eyes and floppy ears are sure to make you smile. Keep her Instagram page bookmarked for quick doses of daily cuteness.
  12. Dallas
    Belle is not the only Great Dane making a name for herself on social media. Dallas, an adult member of the same giant dog breed, lives in Canada and likes to cuddle on the couch when not out exploring the outside. Many of the pictures on his Instagram page are set in a way to show his enormous size and stature, including a few next to a tiny dachshund.

The next time you are perusing the internet looking for cute animals to follow, like the social media pages of these 12 large celebrity dogs. They may make you laugh, they may make you cry; but they will definitely make you smile.

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