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12 Celebrities Who Have Giant Dogs

12 Celebrities Who Have Giant Dogs

While it seems common to see celebrities toting tiny pups in designer purses wherever they go, there are many famous people who have given their love to large dogs. From golden doodles to labs, pit bulls, boxers, retrievers, German shepherds and giant dog breed mutts, several A-listers have a special place in their heart for these larger canines. Some even take them wherever they go, whether working, relaxing or simply running errands. What’s even better? Many of these celebrity pups were rescued by their famous owners.

Large dogs can be some of the best dogs, and the 12 prominent celebrities below probably couldn’t agree more. Check out the list to see who is part of the extra-large dog breed club. A couple of them are even recent Oscar nominees!

1. Ryan Gosling – George

Ryan Gosling and George the Dog

Hollywood heartthrob Ryan Gosling adopted a mixed-breed pup in 2000 from a Los Angeles animal shelter and since then, he hasn’t been without a best friend. He has often referred to his shaggy dog, George, as the “great love of my life,” and brings the large pup on set and even to interviews sometimes. It is likely George made his way to the set of La La Land, Gosling’s latest film, which has earned him a nomination for a 2017 Oscar. The lovable dog has become somewhat of a fan favorite, especially when sporting a stylish mohawk.

2. Emma Stone – Ren

Emma Stone and Ren the Dog

Emma Stone, who, like Gosling, is also in the running for an Oscar for her role in La La Land, has an adorable golden retriever named Ren. She originally rescued the pup in 2012 from a high-kill shelter with then-boyfriend, Andrew Garfield, another 2017 Oscar nominee. The couple fostered the dog before realizing how much they loved him and decided to just adopt him.

3. Jake Gyllenhaal – Atticus

jake Gyllenhaal and Atticus the Dog

Most often spotted during walks and while running errands, Jake Gyllenhaal’s large dog, Atticus, is a multi-colored German shepherd. The furry canine gets his name from Atticus Finch, an iconic character in one of Gyllenhaal’s favorite books, To Kill a Mockingbird. The actor rescued Atticus in 2005, after filming Brokeback Mountain and realizing his love of animals.

4. Ryan Reynolds – Baxter

Baxter the Dog (right) and Penny the Dog (left)

The comedic actor is almost inseparable from his golden retriever mix, Baxter. Reynolds says he was in Houston in 2009, trying to find a chocolate lab for a friend at an SPCA and came across his now-best friend. After taking the dog on a walk and then driving away from the rescue, he decided he couldn’t leave Baxter there. He turned around when he realized he had already fallen in love with the 2-year-old pup.

5. Liam Hemsworth – Dora

Dora the Dog

Liam Hemsworth rescued a 6-month old puppy in 2015, and has been inseparable from her ever since. The dog is a golden doodle-Irish wolfhound mix named Dora, and she is frequently seen in pictures on the actor’s social media accounts. Even as a puppy, it was clear Dora had a bit of giant dog breed in her, as the rescue even referred to her as a “gigantic” puppy.

6. Rachel Bilson – Lambert

Rachel Bilson and Lambert the Dog

The best friend of this tiny actress belongs to an extra-large dog breed. Lambert, Bilson’s English sheepdog mix, is about half her size and covered in curly blackish-gray hair. The pair can often be seen going for walks or relaxing on patios around Hollywood. Although Lambert can be a little difficult to control with her petite frame, Bilson has said she is obsessed with her dog and always misses him when traveling.

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7. Orlando Bloom – Sidi

Sidi the Dog

Orlando Bloom’s large dog, Sidi, is a black Saluki mix. The actor adopted the pooch in Morocco while filming a movie in 2004, and Sidi has been a reliable companion ever since. The dog’s name comes from a Moroccan dialect and means “lord.” Bloom takes his best friend with him everywhere he goes, from photo shoots to film sets, and is photographed with him regularly.

8. Ben Affleck – Hutch

Ben Affleck and Hutch the Dog

The movie star and dog lover has a big, bi-colored German shepherd who has been seen on movie locations, coffee runs and walks near Affleck’s home. The dog’s name is Hutch and was purchased as a family pet through a breeder in 2011, when the actor was married to Jennifer Garner.

9. Amanda Seyfried – Finn

Amanda Seyfried and Finn the Dog

Seyfried is absolutely in love with her rescue dog, Finn, who inspired her to get involved with animal shelters and promoting adoption. The 7-year-old Australian shepherd sleeps with the actress, goes to every movie set she works at (if possible), and FaceTimes her when they are apart. Finn is a regular on Seyfried’s Instagram account, and the actress even threw her furry friend a birthday party last year.

10. Justin Timberlake and Jessica Biel – Buckley and Brennan

Justin Timberlake and Jessica Biel with Their Dogs

The star celebrity couple has two big boxers named Buckley and Brennan. Timberlake rescued the two large dogs more than 10 years ago, and they have been the singer’s best buds since then. The famous duo can often be seen taking their three dogs (they also have a Pitbull) for walks when both are in town.

11. Olivia Wilde – Paco

Olivia Wilde and Paco the Dog

Olivia Wilde used to refer to her mixed-breed rescue pooch, Paco, as her “boyfriend” when she was single, as he was the man she shared her bed with. She originally got the large dog after a rescue found him in the back of a U-Haul truck, starving with his five siblings. Wilde has had the pup for more than 10 years and he is her best friend and favorite snuggler.

12. Jennifer Aniston – Dolly

Dolly the Dog

Although she is pet parent to a small, Welsh corgi-terrior mix as well, Jennifer Aniston adores her large white German shepherd. Dolly is a great guard dog, says Aniston, but also thinks she is a lap dog and likes to cuddle. The actress pampers her pups like queens, and even asks the crew on movie sets to cater to their needs. She has said she appreciates the unconditional love her dogs provide, something she hasn’t always found from other people.

Large to extra-large dog breeds can be great companions no matter who you are. These 12 celebrities love their big pooches and would likely do anything for them. We understand any giant dog breed owner probably feels the same, which is why we make Bully Beds specifically for big pups. Our pet beds are designed to cradle a large dog’s bones and joints while providing a comfortable, yet sturdy, place to sleep. If you have a big best friend, our products are the perfect gift to show your pet how much you care.

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